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Phillipson Peerless “1975” – 7′ – 3oz

Grade: Peerless “1975” (one of one)
Length: 7′
Weight: 3oz (3oz Actual)
Sections: 2/2
Ferrule Size: 12
Grip: Tapered Cigar
Reel Seat: Copper Anodized Aluminum Reel Seat with Cork Insert
Tube: Original Aluminum (with labels)
Bag: Original Cream Cloth
Condition: Mint, Un-fished
Location: Longmont, CO
Status: Private Collection, Not for Sale

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A unique, 1 of 1 “Peerless” made by the man himself — Bill Phillipson — for former employee and friend Richard “Dick” Sherman. Built in 1975 after Bill’s retirement and sale of the Phillipson Rod Company to 3M. The rod is inscribed on 4 flats in Bill’s handwriting:

Phillipson “Peerless”

Handcrafted for Dick Sherman

By P. W. Phillipson “1975”

7’ – #5 Line

This rod is in mint, un-fished condition. The impregnated bamboo is flawless with no marks of any kind. Trademark formaldehyde-resorcinol glue lines. Beautiful 3×3 node spacing. 

All sections are straight and the 18% nickel silver ferrules separate cleanly. Wraps are dark brown nylon and triple-tipped with pale gold, brown and pale gold. “Extra Select” cork in a long tapered cigar grip. Down-locking deep copper anodized aluminum reel seat with matching cork insert (also used on the Registered fiberglass rods of the same era.) Chrome line guides and hook keeper. Perfection tip tops. Put up in an original cream & black Phillipson cloth bag and original aluminum tube (rubber end caps) with original label. Tube also contains an old tape label with Richard’s initials “RMS”.