The Wright & McGill Granger Premier was the 2nd highest grade below the Registered.

The Premier was available in 7 1/2′ to 9 1/2′ lengths (3.75 oz. to 6 oz.) and priced at $75. Tournament models could also be purchased 9′ lengths (5 oz. to 5.75 oz.) including a GT9052 carry-over.

Production of the Wright & McGill Granger Premier grade lasted from 1947 through 1952.

1949 WM Premier

The 1947 Catalog states that “Only the most exacting standards are used in making these handsome rods.” Only A-Grade cane split from the same culm was used to create these fine rods.

The Premier’s windings are simple and utilitarian—single wraps of gold silk.

Tip-top guides were chromium plated in all years that the Premier was offered, however only the crossover rods also had chromium line guides and butt guides.

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