The Granger Rod name appeared on all reel seats on all grades early in the 1st era and then was later assigned to only the highest grade in the 2nd and 3rd eras.

The Granger Rod was available in 7.5′ to 10′ lengths (3 oz. to 6.5 oz.) and priced at $40.

Granger Rods of the 2nd and 3rd eras were labeled beginning with “GR” for Regular Rods or “GT” for Tournament Rods followed by the model number (e.g., GR7630 or GT9043).

Production of Goodwin Granger’s; The Granger Rod grade lasted until the company renamed all of their rods in 1930—when it became the DeLuxe.

1927 Goodwin Granger Catalog Granger Rods

The Granger Rods from the 2nd and 3rd eras represented the highest grade available.

They were constructed with A-Grade cane split from the same culm.

The Granger Rods from the 2nd and 3rd eras also possess a unique wrap pattern that consists of black & white jasper windings tipped with 4 bands of gold*.

*Prior to the introduction of the DeLuxe grade, the 1st Era Premier grade was finished with the same wrap pattern.