The Granger Registered began with Goodwin Granger and continued to be offered by Wright & McGill as the highest available grade. Wright & McGill Registered’s were first listed in the 1947 Catalog at a cost of $100. It last appeared in the 1952 Catalog. In 6 short years, Wright & McGill produced approximately 325 Registered rods.

Each rod was “registered” to the original owner by a card that was stored at the Granger factory. Each card contained the owner’s name, address, purchase date and rod serial number.

In all, the Registered grade was only produced for a total of about 8 or 9 years with fewer than 400 produced—making it one of the rarest of fine cane fly rods.

Michael Sinclair

The Granger Registered rod was the epitome of the rod makers craft in Colorado. The special features that set the Registered rods apart from all others include a serial number on each rod, white trim wraps at both ends of the black wraps, a chrome plated internal uplocking reel seat rather than the normal nickel silver type, and a hook keeper. They were the only Granger rods fitted by the factory with a hook keeper.

Each rod came in a black bag and a black tube with an inscribed medallion attached to the tube. The tubes for the Registered rods were aluminum for all years except 1942, when World War II forced a switch to plastic tubes.

Excerpt from Colorado Classic Cane by Dick Spurr and Michael Sinclair

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