The Premium is considered the highest grade in the Phillipson lineup.

The Premium was available in 7′ to 9 1/2′ lengths (3 oz. to 6.25 oz.) and priced at $75 throughout its lifetime.  Much like the Granger Registered, it was available only as a Fly Rod—no Bait Casting or Spinning rods were ever offered in this grade.

Production of the Premium grade lasted from 1947 through 1954.

Phillipson Natural Grip Patent

As stated in the 1947 -1948 Catalog, “This is the finest of all fishing rods.  Perfect action, perfect balance, extreme sensitivity and tremendous power for every ounce of weight.  It is a rod that will win the heart of the most particular angler who loves the very finest equipment.”

Each Premium has the “exclusive Phillipson natural grip (patent pending)”—aka the Elliptical grip.

In 1947, reel seats were offered as “brown plastic locking reel seats” and later changed to “black anodized aluminum” in 1950.

Early Premiums were wrapped in pure Black silk trimmed with gold. Beginning in 1951, Premiums were wrapped in pure Black silk tipped with gold and black.

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