1923-24 Goodwin Granger Catalog p2
1923-24 Goodwin Granger Catalog Cover1923-24 Goodwin Granger Catalog p2

1923-1924 Goodwin Granger Catalog

Year: 1923-1924
Pages: 4
Size: 9.125 ” x 12″
Print Colors: One Color – Black
Binding: Folded
Condition: Excellent
Features: This is the only known original printing of this catalog in existence. To date, it is also the earliest known Granger catalog. The 1923-24 Goodwin Granger catalog outlines the following grades: Granger Rods, Goodwin Rods available in both Fly and Bait configurations and a wide variety of Tournament Fly and Bait options. Also included are “Denver Special” Rods in a limited selection of Fly only models.

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