Many exceptional books have been written over the years about Goodwin Granger, Wright & McGill and Bill Phillipson. This site leans heavily on the work and dedication of those great authors and historians including Dick Spurr, Michael Sinclair, Donald Phillipson, Lee McGill, Martin Keene, and AJ Campbell.

But even the most-researched work is limited to what’s known about the subject matter at the time of printing. As new information is uncovered, Finecane will serve as a living record of Colorado’s finest historical bamboo rod makers. Our aim is to create a community of enthusiasts around these great rodmakers by sharing exceptional examples and reference materials so we can all learn from and contribute to this ever-growing resource.

Thank you,
The Finecane Team

  1. Brian Keith Shaffer says:

    I sure was hoping to see a reel or 12… Regardless, this is a real nice site.
    Definitely will bookmark it and check your inventory now and again.
    Cheers – Brian Shaffer

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