A controversy 100 years in the making

Are there EARLIER 1st Era Goodwin Granger Rods out there? April 2020 100 years ago this month, Goodwin Granger & Co. ran their first advertisements with images depicting an actual rod. Prior to that, (April 1919 – March 1920) Granger ads contained very simple text with an illustration of a fisherman. (You can view the […]

Newly Discovered Wright & McGill Catalogs

A New Understanding of Early Wright & McGill Catalogs We know from existing evidence that Wright & McGill purchased Granger Rods in 1946, but did not have rods available for purchase until “late” 1947—most likely around September 1947 according to ads from that time period. All previously published W&M documentation, depicts the “first catalog” from […]

Creating a Living Record

Many exceptional books have been written over the years about Goodwin Granger, Wright & McGill and Bill Phillipson. This site leans heavily on the work and dedication of those great authors and historians including Dick Spurr, Michael Sinclair, Donald Phillipson, Lee McGill, Martin Keene, and AJ Campbell. But even the most-researched work is limited to […]